• Website Translation Roadmap

    Live Group Event

    Now is the time to go global and grow your customer base overseas. Join this hands-on live group event and discover how you can bridge the language gap and make more sales.


    Did you know that over 50% of internet users at a research study said they would not buy a product online if the information is not presented in their native language?


  • As a business owner, you realize the huge potentials and rewards that await your brand overseas. But translating ALL your content into another language can become a costly headache.


    The good news? There is another way. There are options.

    "It's not about translating it all. It's about what brings your foreign language customers and website visitors the greatest value and your company most sales."

    Between not translating your brand at all, using machine translation (such as Google Translate) in hope to present your business overseas and having a full blown website translated and adapted to a foreign market, there are options, lots of them.



    A new interactive hands-on online event on how to budget strategically and prepare your website creatively for successful translation and raving overseas customers.

  • Introducing: Website Translation Roadmap

    Online Live Event

    An interactive hands-on live group event, a bootcamp that helps you

    • understanding the website translation process
    • identifying your target market/ language
    • creating an international business strategy that fits your business needs and current capacity can-dos
    • finding and working with a translator, a team or a translation agency – and asking the right questions
    • knowing the tools of the trade that help you cutting costs and monitoring success

    "I stand for empowering your brand to be understood in any language.​"




    My name is Katrin Rippel Galati and for the last 10 years, my translation and web services firm has brought technical, linguistic and strategic skills to clients across the international market.
    My personal hunger for new experiences (plus a background in international food & hospitality) allowed me to live in various different cultures and countries.
    Now I’m bringing it all together as your personal brand consultant and language translation resource.

  • Initiate a Two-Way-Communication with Your Customers Overseas.

    This work-along live event will assist you in breaking down the language barriers and help you communicate with foreign language customers – even if you don't speak their language. This project-focused interactive bootcamp will guide you through the key steps.

    • Find the best foreign market for your investment
    • Create an international strategy that fits your business needs and current capacity can-dos
    • Best practices for international websites that help you stand out amongst your competition
    • Machine translation vs. human translation: Find your translator(s) to partner up
    • Use tools to optimize & automate


  • Pillars of Co-Creation

    This live event goes over 10 days.

    8. April to 18. April 2020

    It is held online in a safe and quiet small group environment where you receive individual guidance and can have small group conversations & feedback


    Meeting live online

    I teach this boot camp live online


    Individual guidance

    Post questions/assignments in the group for answers and feedback



    Translation Strategy

    Create your strategic translation plan ready to be put in action

  • Schedule

    Apr 6 to 7

    • Access and welcome to support community
    • Introductions/getting acquainted
    • Housekeeping
    • Prep work: Which foreign market is best for my investment

    Apr 8 – Live

    11 am to 12:30 pm Pacific Time live event via zoom


    • Overview Bootcamp
    • Review prep work: 
      Which target market is best for your investment?
      Which language(s) to choose?
    • Plan out your international strategy Part 1:
      Elements to consider
      Wants and needs and what your business can handle





    Apr 10

    11 am to 12:30 am Pacific Time live event via zoom


    • Review of previous content and happenings in the daily live communications
    • Translation/localization defined
    • Best practices in website translation
    • Machine Translation vs. Human Translation
    • Finding and hiring your translator or translation team
    • Tools of the trade, automation, and optimization
    • Plan out your international strategy Part 2:
    • Refine, optimize, simplify


    Hot Seat

    Home Work

    Apr 15

    11 pm to 12:30 pm Pacific Time


    • Review of previous content and happenings in the community
    • It's translated. What's next?!
    • Maintenance
    • Customer Support
    • Expansion: Review your international strategy Part 3


    Hot Seat

    Support Community

    During the time of the event, I will have a daily office hour for you to ask me anything and for me to review your work.


    After the event, I will still be present actively in the community of course, yet I encourage you to stay in the momentum of our group activities.



    Do you have questions?

    Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have regarding this event.

    Contact Katrin via katrin [at] translationpurpose.com and let's talk about your business and your plans involving translations.

  • Your investment?

    This is a live online event.

    You are invited to participate and receive answers for your specific business.

    Open to a limited amount of participants for an investment of:

    $ 375

    per person

  • Registration is now open for the event

    April 8 to 18, 2020.

    Join this hands-on live group program

    "Website Translation Roadmap"

  • Registration

    Website Translation Roadmap Online event
    Website Translation Roadmap Online event
    Live group event online from April 8 to 18, 2020
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